The Ashlea Lay and House of Paint Timelime.

1995 - 2000

During her time in Zimbabwe where she ran a game lodge, Ashlea Lay began using different mediums, such as wood, metal, tiles and more and experimented with different paints & paint techniques. She grew a great passion for painting and faux painting.

2002 - 2006

On returning to South Africa, Ashlea dreamed big. She dreamed of truly making a home like nobody ever had before. She believed that every homeowner should be able to recreate their living space without having to wait for builders or translate any contractor jargon. She believed in making your creative vision come to life, and set out to create a business where every customer would feel at home while they worked on their home.

It wasn’t long before Ashlea’s creativity and innovation drew the attention of Chemspec, a paint manufacturer, who approached her to create a technique range using Chemspec paints. Her first range was a major success and she began to break many barriers and create innovative pieces of decor in the interior design, paint & decor world.

Ashlea traveled around South Africa to inspire other paint and decor enthusiasts, using the Chemspec paint range to teach store owners new techniques for furniture and crafts.

2006 - 2015

Ashlea then bought the House of Paint Hillcrest branch and carried on teaching paint and decor technique classes and arts and crafts as well as her paint & decor sales. Her branch became known for their expert advice on how to fix common painting and building mistakes.

The House of Paint Hillcrest opened its paint & decor technique division, “Decor8”, headed by Ashlea, and experienced many years of booming business. Decor8 was awarded a bronze Certificate for Stand & Design Excellence at the 2010 Home Makers Expo, and in 2011, Decor8 was awarded as The Most Inspiring Exhibitor at the Home Makers Expo.

2015 - 2017

Ashlea was diagnosed with cancer, and went through many difficult months of coming to terms with what this meant. In May 2016, Ashlea took a turn for the worse and left us after her battle with cancer. It was a tragedy that left its mark on many beloved family, friends and customers within the Hillcrest community and surrounds. Today, her legacy lives on through the vision of her step-daughter, Collette. With a passion for art, beauty and creativity, Collette left her 9 year career in the Advertising & Marketing industry and embraced this new challenge with open arms. She aims to take the business to new and exciting places with a long term vision of building a creative and inspirational haven for home makers in the upper Highway and KZN region.


As this year marks our 10 year Anniversary, The House of Paints Hillcrest is undergoing a rebrand changing its name to “Decor8 Vibrant Living” to pay homage to Ashlea who was such a dynamic and vibrant person.

3 new divisions have been added to its service offering, making Decor8 Vibrant Living a truly holistic home maker’s paradise. Interior Design, Bespoke Joinery and a new Patisserie are now available, and renovations are underway.

We soon hope to welcome you into our new, magical and inspirational, vibrant space.


At Decor8 Vibrant Living (formally House of Paint, Hillcrest), our philosophy declares ones living space sacred! We live by a code built on good will, honesty & integrity. We believe in partnering with you to offer you a holistic solution with the aim of completing your projects with peace of mind in the knowledge that you have the best expert advice in order to create limitless possibilities & resolve any stressful issues caused by neglectful maintenance or poor construction.

Decor8 Vibrant Living is a family run business comprising a specialist paint and decor store with over 49 years of experience in industrial, decorative, faux and technique painting, and would like to meet with you to discuss possible synergies with regards to supplying your company with paint, adhesives, thinners, fillers, brushware and more.

Paint is our business. Our expertise spans the technical and decorative worlds of paint mixing & tinting.

 Our paint-tinting department joined with our vast knowledge in the suitable application of different paints allows for a complete holistic approach to every project.

The paint which we supply and stock has been tried and tested fully compliant with the SAPMA standard regulations & specifications & are therefore suitable & approved for South African conditions.

 Since the inception of the business in 2005, a record and brush out have been kept of every liter of paint made for each customer. This has enabled customers to re-match and repeat their decorative coatings whenever necessary.