Hillcrest Fever Business Feature

22 February I Press Release

At Decor8, we recently had our 10th-anniversary function coupled with our brand re-launch. This is what the writers at the Hillcrest Fever had to say… read more

Crest Magazine Advertorial

18 February I Press Release

The inspirational story of how our brand started, how the journey unfolded and where we are today… read more

Plantations of Hillcrest Advertorial

15 Janurary I Press Release

Decor8 has been featured in issue 19 of the Plantations of Hillcrest magazine. The advertorial depicts our journey from creation to present… read more

French Connection Advertorial

6 January I Press Release

You can find the write-up of our 10th anniversary and brand re-launch in the latest edition of the French Connection… read more